November 30, 2012 • marketing

3 Things you should know about Social Media Marketing

3 Things you should know about Social Media Marketing

The term “Social Media” seems ablaze in the marketing world. In fact, a large number of marketers are moving their budget away from television, radio and print advertising and dispersing it using web strategies. Additionally, with the success of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, many marketers have turned to adopt some of the social media practices into the day-to-day running of their business.

Not neglecting the fact that content is the currency that drives the social media economy; it is challenging to derive at a good, quality, viral content. In fact, with this social revolution, it is impossible to know what really gets viral anyway.

Social Media allows you to communicate with thousands of people instantly. There's been a lot of question on the worth of social media. Nevertheless, it's easy to argue about the potential of social media rather than a powerful sales mechanism. As social media tools help to bring information to the audience about products and services, increase search engine ranking and above all generate quality leads and sales, here are three things you need to be aware of:

1. Social Media Marketing places a high demand on time

Social Media is a marketing tool that needs serious content. Through consistency, you build trust. Content creation takes time. A great deal of time is spent to create content that will teach your audience, entertain them, or providing the resource for sharing with their friend, which creates value. This content must be edited, approved, and published. As a company, you will need to assign someone or rather a team to continually feed your fan pages with content, most importantly relevant quality content.

2. Marketing effort can be lost. The risk of negative comments

Anything you publish is up for grabs. Publish backlash is the last thing you want on your social media network. Don’t just go about deleting those comments but show the quality of your company by dealing with the problems, admitting your faults, fixing them and carry on. Yes, offer a response or do the necessary damage control.

3. Multiple Social Media platform can be tedious to manage

People use different social media platform for various reasons. If you are trying to reach those people, content must be published for those reasons. It becomes challenging to manage multiple social media platforms. In facts, the more social media platform you are involved in extends the amount of time spent doing social media marketing.

It is best that you choose the platform that works for your business.

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