A Tail of Two Cows

February 21, 2013 - 1 minute read

Would you sit and wait for someone to provide for you or would we try to provide for yourself? I ask this question to find out whose responsibility it is regarding government and you (family, friends etc.) If you’re thinking that is the government responsibility to provide the opportunity for us to provide for us, then you have my vote on this. Many times I see people sit and wait; a job comes their way, and they continue to sit and wait for the same person who provided the position to do the job for them. How lazy can they be? 

That was just a thought above, but let’s get to the topic of this post – Tail of Two Cows. I recently came across this infographic that showcases two cows as a medium of explaining the various types of socio-economic system. Which system in the graph below you think matches Grenada now and which one you think you instead live in?

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