November 18, 2012 • marketing

Content Strategy Matters - The Basics of Attracting Online Customers

Content Strategy Matters - The Basics of Attracting Online Customers

Over the past few years, I’ve been developing platforms for companies to provide content to the web. Many brands do not really understand the importance of content to their company’s online presence. When a company has an online presence, I believe it should be aligned with the organisational goals and objectives. In a recent seminar, that I've put together to discuss online ma rketing, I’ve been asked the question “Why Content Strategy Matters”?

With every relationship communication is critical. Content is the communication tool between you (the company) and the client (current and potential customers). Whatever medium you use, whether it be mobile, web, or print, there is a demand for content - high expectations and a great deal of pressure are applied to the organisation to produce content. ​

Companies that put the time and resources into developing regular content have the advantage of staying visible in their marketplace. Brand awareness among current and potential customers remains at the forefront of the viewer’s mind. A content strategy can help your company develop quality content for the users that help them make a decision.

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