May 26, 2017 • Mobile

Pure Grenada in the palm of your hand — Pure Grenada App

Pure Grenada in the palm of your hand — Pure Grenada App

It has been a long journey. Today, however, I am very excited to have finally reached the first milestone.

As marketing and marketing media changes, we must adapt and evolve with these dynamic changes. Mobile devices have led digital transformations on many fronts — tourism destination marketing being no exception. In fact, with an increase in the use of smart devices, it becomes essential for our businesses to connect with prospective visitors/customers to ensure that our information is easily accessible, and appropriately presented.

I am pleased to announce that the Pure Grenada App was finally launched yesterday, May 25, at the Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association Annual General Meeting. It is User-Friendly, Easily Accessible and Interactive, and is available for both Android and Apple IOS users. The App is free to download and free to use.

Pure Grenada App

The app showcases five main features:

1. Offline Capability and Map

Where users can Access up-to-date information about what Pure Grenada — The Spice of the Caribbean has to offer without the need for an internet connection. Yes, once the app is downloaded, the content can be accessed without the need for a data connection.

2. Simple Bookmarking

Users can privately store all their favourite places visited or wish to attend.

3. Reviews and Rating

Users can see what others said about a location, leave a review and rate a location.

4. Check-In

The app also facilitates check n, a simple indication that the user was physically present at a location.

5. Close By Location

And another notable feature is Close by location — Explore locations that are near you wherever you are in Pure Grenada — The Spice of the Caribbean.

It is important to note that all interactions including rating and reviews, favourites, and check-in can be done offline.

Pure Grenada App

The app showcases most of our attractions, places of interest, events, accommodation, restaurants, dive shops, banks, and tour operations, just to name a few.

The App has been built on a stable platform and gives the flexibility to do great things with it. In the upcoming months, more features and improvements will be made to allow for the best experience.

Pure Grenada App

I once told myself that I will focus more on software development than that of web development. However, this project had me indulged in building the website. I spent a week developing this website, and I believe it came up pretty ok.


Sonover team have worked really hard on delivering the App and have undoubtedly had some sleepless nights. I think it is astonishing that the GHTA’s Directors have selected my company on this project and I believe it adds a degree of authenticity that is purely Grenadian.

I am excited, and I know that GHTA is excited to provide this tool, the Pure Grenada App, to give our visitors a new way to connect with us as we connect with them. Thank you, and please download the app and let me know what you think.

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