Where Should Your Company Start with Social Media

April 23, 2013 - 2 minutes read

It's 1.26pm. It's been a while since I've written a blog. Over the past few weeks (maybe a month or so) I've been tasked with optimising a website to launch its first Google AdWord campaign. You should look forward to a blog about launching a Google AdWord Campaign. I was also tasked with planning and executing a workshop for GHTA members. On April 6th, I ran the seminar that educated GHTA members on the use of Email Marketing as a tool to reach customers. I am confident that with the knowledge they have received, most of them would be in a better position to grow their businesses through the use of Email Marketing. I am happy that I can use my knowledge and experience to help others.

Many businesses or persons are looking into the use of social media tools but are unaware of where to begin. For some, they believe that they can use Facebook for everything. While various social media tools are existing, each is created for a different purpose. The purpose of your Social Media campaign will determine the tools you need to use. Once you understand each object, it will give you a road-map for your content strategy.

Three tools you can start your social media campaign with our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Facebook – Who you are?

"Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life." Facebook can be used to communicate with your fans about who you are. Edify your audience about who you are. Inform them about your products and services.

Twitter – What you are doing?

"Find out what's happening, right now, with the people and organisations you care about." I use Twitter for conversation. Let your followers know what you are doing. Twitter (Micro Blogging), with its 140 characters, you can update your customers about your current status. Send them a photo or a link with some short text.

Pinterest – What you want to be?

"Find out what's happening, right now, with the people and organisations you care about. "

Pinterest is all about visual. Create boards with various interest in your brand. Allow your fans to pin and repin your post. Pinterest acts as a wish list. See what attention your fans.

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